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      JPMA Certification

      The JPMA Certification Program is a voluntary program that manufacturers can choose to join to easily and efficiently fulfill all necessary testing requirements for juvenile products sold in the United States. Each of the JPMA Certification Programs is foundationally built on an ASTM Standard with federal and state requirements layered on, as well as many of the major retailer requirements. This turn-key solution ensures that participating manufacturers are meeting and exceeding all testing requirements. ASTM standards are not only the foundation of the JPMA Certification 2.0 Program but also of the federal requirements pertaining to juvenile products, known as Section 104 Rules.

      Consumer Product Safety Commission

      Federal law requires manufacturers and importers to test many consumer products for compliance with consumer product safety requirements. Based on passing test results, the manufacturer or importer must certify the consumer product as compliant with the applicable consumer product safety requirements.