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      Q:  Do your products come with a warranty?
      A:  Yes.  Read more about our guarantee here

      Q:  Are conversion rails included with the crib? If not, where can I purchase them?
      A:  No. However the conversion rails can be purchased at any mattress store in your area. Ask for “Universal Full Size Hook on Style Conversion Rails”.

      Q:  Are full size conversion rails made of metal or wood?
      A:  Full size conversion rails are made of metal

      Q:  How can I order missing or damaged parts in order to assemble our furniture?
      A:  Please contact one of our dedicated Customer Service Representatives by phone at 1-800-295-1980 or by email at

      Q:  How long does it take to receive a replacement part?
      A:  It usually takes about 5 to 10 business days for delivery.

      Q:  Are parts from different models interchangeable?
      A:  No.  Parts from other models are not interchangeable. It is neither recommended, nor safe to interchange parts.

      Q:  Which locations do you ship spare parts to?
      A:  We ship spare parts all over the United States and Canada.

      Q:  How can I get an instruction manual for my product?
      A:  Instruction manuals are included with every product.  If yours is missing, you can access manuals on this web site.  If you are having difficulty locating yours, please contact us at 1-800-295-1980 or email us at for assistance.

      Q:  Can I purchase a product directly from the manufacturer?
      A:  Our products are available through a distribution channel that includes some of the finest retailers in North America.

      Q:  What size crib mattress do I use?
      A:  Our cribs accommodate standard crib mattresses.  For safety, the mattress must be at least 27.25 inches x 51.625 inches with a minimum thickness of 4 inches, but not exceeding 6 inches thick.